Ferrari to Unleash 900 Prancing Hybrid Horses in Detroit (Video)

ferrari hybrid

While Lamborghini has not entered the hybrid supercar race (and claims they will never), Ferrari and others are stampeding ahead with their respective versions. In fact, the 900-hp Ferrari hybrid is slated to appear at this year’s Detroit Motor Show. Yes, I said 900 horses and hybrid in the same sentence. Details on the hybrid Ferrari chassis can be found here. Video at bottom of post.

Fun fact: A hybrid drivetrain also is a way to boost performance.

The horsepower race among gas-electric hybrids is getting better with each introduction. But will the word ‘hybrid’ someday lose its association with the words “slow” and “green”? Perhaps not the later, but the performance outlook is certain to alter with the arrivals of more and more blisteringly fast hybrid hypercars! read more