Ferrari Named Most Powerful Brand in the World

Most powerful brand

Superbrands like Google, Coca Cola, and Apple have had to step aside for the supercars, as Ferrari has beat them all out for the title of ‘Most Powerful Brand in the World’! The exciting news came from a recent poll by brand valuation and marketing specialists at Brand Finance. Now the Horse has a bit more to prance about! 

Ferrari has been named as the most powerful brand in the world in poll conducted by brand valuation and marketing specialists Brand Finance.

Ferrari must certainly be pleased to win this title, as the survey included the 500 most valuable brands, of which Ferrari raced quickly to the top. That left Apple and Samsung vying for second place, with Apple barely ahead of its long-time archrival. read more

Grand Am Ferrari 458 Gives Manhattan a Wake-Up Call!

Ferrari 458

New York City is famous for its street side lifestyle, from exotic food vendors to luxury shopping and designer goods…and also a Grand Am Ferrari 458 at the World Trade Center! Ferrari treated New York to a revving 458 Italia to celebrate a recent victory: Nabbing the driver’s and manufacturer’s titles in the 2012 Rolex Grand-Am GT Sports Car Series championship.

How could anyone be irritated by a Ferrari 458 wake-up call? There are certainly worse ways to awaken!

Aim Autosport team FXDD took up position outside of 7 World Trade center in lower Manhattan and proceeded to show-off a bit of what the Ferrari 458 has to offer by smoking tires and providing an auto acoustic extravaganza. I am certain very few New Yorkers were disgruntled by this wake-up call! The team added to the excitement by donning their racing suits. read more

How to Obliterate a World Record: Just Add 1000 Ferrari Supercars (Video)

England was recently overtaken by a seemingly endless stampede of Prancing Horses, courtesy of the fine folks at Ferrari! The luxury event occurred at Silverstone racetrack–where 964 Ferrari owners effectively obliterated the previous World record for the largest single gathering of Ferrari supercars. The previous record of the stabled horses stood at 490 cars at Japan’s Fuji Speedway circuit in 2008. That trumped the 385 record Ferrari parade in 2007. Fix your eyes on nearly 1000 Ferrari supercars in the same place at the same time…video at bottom of post! read more