Bizarre Ferrari F430 Enzo Kit Gets Zero Bids

Ferrari F430 Enzo

This is one of the most peculiar Ferrari kit cars out there. It is a Ferrari F430 base generously doused with carbon fiber in efforts to look like the classic Enzo Ferrari. Take a minute to process that: A Ferrari F430 Enzo kit car.

Behold: The Ferrari F430 transformed into an Enzo wannabe. The end result of decking out an F430 body to resemble an Enzo is imaginative and has drawn strong reactions from around the world, just no bidders. 

The online auction for the Ferrari F430 Enzo kit ended November 24th without yielding a single bid. The seller hails from Israel and attempted to begin the bidding process at a staggering $400k. While there are only 4,000 miles on the F430, it can be purchased for closer to the $200k mark in standard form. read more