Gumpert Apollo S and Explosion Models Live in Geneva


German luxury automaker Gumpert surprised the crowds at the Geneva Motor Show by touting their ill-fated Apollo S alongside a new model, the Explosion. The Gumpert Apollo S drove the boutique brand into bankruptcy, though it appears they are revving up for a healthy recovery. 

Gumpert bounces back from insolvency with a set of shiny red exotic sports cars. Meet the new Explosion and the dressed up Apollo S. The Explosion is pictured above.

The Gumpert Apollo S on display in Geneva boasted a loud red coat with industrial silver accents, possibly brushed aluminum. The new specimen, the Gumpert Explosion, has piqued interest in the automotive community. Aptly named, the brand hopes to explode back onto the scene with the new car and upgraded versions of past models. In fact, orders are already being taken for the Explosion at $145,000 a pop. read more