That Crazy Looking KTM X-Bow Supercar


While it still takes a few minutes to visually absorb, the KTM X-Bow seems to make more sense with the addition of a windscreen. It is also said to be one of those cars that is better appreciated when viewed with the naked eye.

Is the KTM X-Bow more congealed with the windscreen? With all that wind blasting the face, it seems it would be more comfortable. 

This is the next version of the X-Bow with no windscreen. The windscreen on the KTM X-Bow is quite complex, with modern heating elements, wipers and cleaning fluid–it is fully functional, not just for show. While the windshield is a success, the ‘roof’ is laughable. To achieve popping the roof into place, one must press, screw, latch, blurt expletives, zip and possibly pray. Once those feats are accomplished, the roof can be used up to speeds of 60 miles per hour. This is a good indication that this fast lady will rarely be seen with her top on. read more