LaFerrari Is Happy When it Rains

While the LaFerrari is nearly impossible to obtain and certainly well-shielded by those fortunate enough to own a specimen, it is nice to see one taken out and punished on the track in the rain as nature intended! Take in the view from the cockpit of the luscious LaFerrari as she tackles the track in the short video below:

Above is awesome footage of the powerful LaFerrari hyperbeast taking on the track in the rain. The car seems to manage just fine, regardless of weather conditions. That said–it might not be the greatest of inspirations to drive her on ice or snow! read more

Man Buys Ferrari F12 Berlinetta for Chance to Access LaFerrari

Many hoping to obtain the latest Ferrari supercar, LaFerrari, have met with devastating results. The brand is only making 499 units of the $1.3 million dollar supercar. Ferrari is hand-picking those will have the privilege of owning one, turning down even high-profile figures and deep pockets. Prospective LaFerrari buyers must also own at least 5 other Ferrari cars to qualify. A Filipino man hoping to meet with Maranello’s approval recently dropped $750,000 on a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta–bringing his collection up to the magic number five! read more

Exclusive: All the Money on Earth Cannot Buy a LaFerrari


Recently Ferrari announced plans to make their exclusive supercars even more elusive. The Prancing Horse meant every word, as it is nearly impossible for buyers to get their hands on the wheel of the new LaFerrari hypercar. Just 499 examples of the latest Horse will be created, and neither fame nor money can secure a car!

According to Ferrari North America CEO Marco Mattiacci, any person wishing to purchase a LaFerrari should already own 20 to 30 other Ferraris. If that sounds a little insane, it is because the brand wants to cater to an elite group of loyal brand collectors. The price tag of LaFerrari is a cool $1.3 million, and many high-profile individuals have already been turned down. read more

Ferrari to Challenge Bugatti with Faster LaFerrari


Ferrari CEO Luca di Montezemolo announced plans to challenge the world’s fastest production car, the mighty Bugatti Veyron. Now that the Bugatti was stripped of title, the brand may be challenging someone else for the title. The brand intends to create a more powerful version of its brand new baby, the LaFerrari and pit it firmly against the Fastest Production Car! The current LaFerrari is no match for the Veyron, yet could the next-gen stand a chance?

Next generation LaFerrari supercar will be made to compete for fastest production car read more

LaFerrari: The Latest Prancing Horse Sings a New Song


The secret is out, and it is sounding off to a different tune! The latest Ferrari supercar sounds like this: LaFerrari. The brand wants to be clear, however, that it is simply one word and not “Ferrari LaFerrari”. LaFerrari is one word, like Madonna, Prince, and Beyoncé. The recently released Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is undoubtedly enduring some serious sibling rivalry this week.

LaFerrari made its debut at the 83rd annual Geneva International Motor Show after maintaining a teasing session that rivaled endurance races.  read more