Crazy 4-Door Lamborghini Aventador Concept Rumors

4-Door Lamborghini Aventador

The latest supercar rumor is a doozy: A 4-door Lamborghini Aventador concept. It may sound like insanity, but so did the Ferrari hatchback, which has enjoyed impressive success. So what got rumors spinning of an extended Aventador supercar? That would be the UK’s Car magazine, claiming there will be a 4-seat Aventador GT concept at the Geneva Auto Show next to its snazzy sibling.

Will there be A family friendly Lamborghini Aventador?

The very words ‘family friendly’ and ‘Lamborghini Aventador’ go together like orange juice and mint flavored chewing gum. Following much publicity and that fabulous shock-and-awe factor, Ferrari’s FF hatchback has been met with enormous success and praise. But the Aventador’s elegant scissor doors…surely no one would be mad enough to pluck them like wings on an insect in favor of a 4+4 layout? Stranger things have happened. read more