The Unluckiest Lamborghini Made of Lotto Tickets

Lamborghini made of lotto tickets

What does one do when they have amassed a ton of scratch off lottery tickets with no luck? Artists Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom of Wassaic, New York found a creative solution: Construct one of the very items lotto players dream of purchasing upon winning! Thus the Lamborghini Countach comprised of discarded tickets was born.

That’s the ticket: A Lamborghini made of lotto tickets

The couple constructed what is possibly the world’s unluckiest Lamborghini. Surprisingly, this is not the first lottery art the duo has crafted. Other works include a Hummer SUV, boats and even an entire room made of just tickets. To be clear, the couple did not necessarily purchase every lotto ticket–they have painstakingly collected them from around the world for their art. read more