Video Eye & Ear Candy: Lexus LFA Vs. Porsche 918

Check out the clip below of the ever-glorious Lexus LFA supercar taking on the robust Porsche 918 hybrid. While the Porsche 918 certainly packs a substantial lead in the power department, few will argue that the Lexus LFA takes home the gold in the acoustics arena.

Lexus LFA Vs. Porsche: Automotive enthusiast and specialist Shmee150 seems to hit every enviable event—thanks for sharing!

The video was shot during a gathering of gearheads, because what better way to spend spare time than to square off against pals on a track? The straight-line comparison between the Porsche 918 spyder and the Lexus LFA ended with predictable results. That said, both machines are epic in their own areas and both are a treat to behold in any situation. Because the 918 is bursting with double the horsepower and that slick engineering, the LFA did not stand a chance in a race. The Lexus LFA is the first supercar bred by the label, and while she is most assuredly fast, her true strength has always been in the drivability and sound departments. Jeremy Clarkson, former Top Gear personality, called the Lexus LFA the “Best car I’ve ever driven.” That is probably the best compliment a vehicle can receive, ask any automotive enthusiast what the stamp of approval from Clarkson means, let alone the ‘best car’ nod. read more

Custom Lexus LFA and IS 350 from 2013 SEMA Revisited

Lexus LFA

Admirers of the Lexus LFA supercar have something special to visit in dreams: The custom 2012 Lexus LFA from the 2013 SEMA show. SEMA stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association, an annual gathering among automotive enthusiasts that highlights the best of what is and what is to come. The show this year prompted a trip down memory lane to revisit the Lexus offerings of last year–perhaps the best gathering of creativity to date.This custom 2012 Lexus LFA was a showstopper at SEMA. Would you want her in your garage? It is certain that Jeremy Clarkson would, as he said that the Lexus LFA was: “The best car I’ve ever driven”.  read more

Lexus LF-LC Gets Green Light for Unplanned Production

Lexus LF-LC

It appears that the Lexus LF-LC concept was an unplanned pregnancy. Intended to generate interest and feel out the future market, the Lexus LF-LC received so much love that the company has given it the green light for the production line rather than aborting any plans. Now the first-ever Lexus supercar, the LFA, will have a similar sibling!

The concept version of the Lexus LF-LC emerged at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. The production version of this red hot lady will offer two powertrain options: a naturally aspirated V8 engine or a V6 hybrid. read more

Lexus LFA Tribute Video Hints at Successor

The Lexus LFA was the very first supercar created by the company. It was an international sensation, an impressive first attempt packing 560 horses and a lofty $375,000 price tag. Since it has been a few years, Lexus has released an LFA tribute video to remind us of its awesomeness. The video also hints that there will be more Lexus supercars to come.

It has been a few years since the launch of the Lexus LFA supercar. Now the company has released a tribute video to remind the world of its talents and hint at a future luxury supercar. The short clip above highlights the LFA’s stats and successes.  read more

Lexus LFA Owner Has Speed Bump Removed

Lexus LFA

Only 500 units of the Lexus LFA were produced. Of those few, the first European owner encountered a bit of a scrape upon trying to drive his car home. Following a call to the municipal technical department of Stavanger, Norway, the owner successfully had a pesky speed bump removed from his route. That 11 cm ride height of the LFA can pose as a small problem.

Berge was attempting to drive his shiny new Lexus LFA supercar from Oslo to his hometown of Stavanger, Norway when a speed bump prevented his progress. read more

499th Lexus LFA Supercar Arrives in the States

Lexus LFA

The first ever Lexus supercar has enjoyed a successful first run, with 500 units produced over a 3-year cycle and many devoted fans created. The final Lexus LFA, a white Nurburgring package edition, was created on December 14th, 2012. Recently, the 499th Lexus LFA supercar arrived in the United States, generating another wave of excitement for the underdog.

Mallady is a Lexus enthusiast to the core, owning the following fleet: 2 LFAs, 9 LSs, 4 LX SUVs and an SC400

The final LFA was created for a museum, but number 499 has found its home in the states. The lucky owner is Roy Mallady, and this marks his 2nd Lexus LFA! He has been fortunate enough to own 2 out of 500! His first LFA was chassis #003, and #499 is a pretty sweet birthday gift to himself! read more

Lexus Builds Final LFA Supercar

Lexus LFA supercar

It seems like yesterday I gripped the glorious wheel of a Lexus LFA supercar on Homestead track in Miami. The gravity-defying lap around the embankment turns with master driver Hiromu Naruse at the wheel showcased what the brand’s first supercar was truly made of. Now, the last of the 500 units being produced is rolling off of the production line. The final model is a white LFA Nurburgring package, and she is stunning!

The final unit of the first-ever Lexus supercar was produced on December 14th, 2012 read more

Video: Lexus Unveils LF-LC Blue Hybrid Concept

Lexus LF-LC blue hybrid concept

Lexus is hitting the hybrid track with the launch of the LF-LC recently in Australia. By the looks of this car, they are springing forward on the heels of the Lexus LFA supercar. Referred to as the Lexus LF-LC Blue Hybrid concept, it is certainly a dazzling sight. But it is what is on the inside that counts, so let’s get down to specs.

Lurking under the sleek hood is an advanced Lexus hybrid drive system pushing out 500 horses. That is quite a bang from a battery pack! The svelte hybrid goes way heavy on lightweight carbon fiber, yet the overall appearance is aggressive and agile. A high-energy battery pack paired with an efficient Atkinson cycle combustion engine create the guts for this model, which is the most powerful Lexus hybrid to date.
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