Take a Listen: The Lexus RC F Auditory Extravaganza

Before reading, take a moment to enjoy the amplified acoustics of the Lexus RC F nestled inside an exhaust appreciation tunnel:
This acoustics tunnel is located in the United Kingdom, attracting all shapes and sizes to the confines of her walls to create videos, recordings and perform testing endeavors. 

Does that not sound a little bit like an automotive enthusiast’s fantasy? It is what we all wish every regular boring car on the street sounded like, but it is not quite as aggressive as anticipated from this nice lady. But why does the Lexus RC F not sound as mean as she is? The RC F is packing a robust and healthy 5.0-liter V8 engine pushing forth 467 horses that sort of fade out by the time they reach the quad-exhaust system. The best part, according to reports, is when she hits the 3,500-rpm mark and occurs from inside the cabin when the intake kicks. read more

The 2015 Insta-Built Lexus RC F at SEMA: Best in Show?

Lexus RC F

The Lexus RC F had a tough act to follow in the form of the sleek Lexus LFA supercar. The tuned Insta-Built Lexus RC F by VIP Auto Salon did a fairly decent job at the 2014 SEMA show, however! It is impossible to overlook that Tiffany blue and those decadently sporty styling cues. But is she fast? Behold: The 2015 Insta-Built Lexus RC F by VIP Auto Salon took the stage at the SEMA show this year. Is she smoking hot or not?

Insta-Built Lexus RC F by VIP Auto Salon at a glance:

  • The vibrant exterior is absolutely stunning and a perfect choice for her shape and style. The color is Seafoam by Oracle and draws to mind Tiffany blue, which always makes the heart race a bit.
  • She is fitted with a Lexon body kit (Japan) and the look is finished off with a set of 20-inch VPS forged wheels supporting Nitto Invo tires. Brembo GT’s for the brakes, of course.
  • You are not imagining things—she is quite lowered.
  • N1 Evolution-X and Apex exhaust with Apex intake.
  • The RC F performance sedan hits the 0-60 mile per hour jump in just 4.4 seconds with a top speed of 167 MPH. No word on how much, if any, the kit alters those specs. The standard RC F variant also gets an impressive 25 miles per gallon fuel economy.

The interior of the 2015 Insta-Built Lexus RC F by VIP Auto Salon is rocking Sabelt SPS bucket seating with fabulous detailing. The steering wheel is custom with Alcantara, carbon fiber and a touch of Seafoam to draw the exterior design cues into the cockpit. read more