Lexus Reviving the Larger Than Life SC Badge?

Right now it seems like everyone is busy making compact SUVs, city cars, hybrid options and going in the general direction of a more compact and green future, and Lexus is all like “Hey! Let’s bring back the great big SC badge for another rumble!” Ok, those were certainly not the words of Lexus, but it is an interesting angle for them to take and therefore it has piqued interest.
The Lexus SC emerged around 1991 and ran through 2010. It was a luxurious grand tourer with a front engine, rear wheel drive layout and a big old fashioned thirsty V8 engine. The models were designed by top-notch talents from California to Europe, and if it returns for a third act it would provide a perhaps welcomed option on the changing market. What will the latest installment of the Lexus SC have to offer? Let us take a sneak peek at the possibilities: read more