499th Lexus LFA Supercar Arrives in the States

Lexus LFA

The first ever Lexus supercar has enjoyed a successful first run, with 500 units produced over a 3-year cycle and many devoted fans created. The final Lexus LFA, a white Nurburgring package edition, was created on December 14th, 2012. Recently, the 499th Lexus LFA supercar arrived in the United States, generating another wave of excitement for the underdog.

Mallady is a Lexus enthusiast to the core, owning the following fleet: 2 LFAs, 9 LSs, 4 LX SUVs and an SC400

The final LFA was created for a museum, but number 499 has found its home in the states. The lucky owner is Roy Mallady, and this marks his 2nd Lexus LFA! He has been fortunate enough to own 2 out of 500! His first LFA was chassis #003, and #499 is a pretty sweet birthday gift to himself! read more