Confirmed: Lotus Evora 400 Convertible Coming

Lotus Evora 400 convertible

It seems that the fabled Lotus Evora 400 convertible may become a reality with new CEO Jean-Marc Gales at the wheel. The company has confirmed that the Lotus Evora 400 will be offered as a convertible as early as next summer. There should not be a dramatic difference in feel or performance between the two options, and Lotus is making every effort to ensure that the convertible is quite effortless to operate.

Photos ©Lotus 

The coupe version of the Lotus Evora 400 will be hitting showrooms sometime this year as a 2017 model year starting at around $90k. The topless sibling will arrive a few months behind her and likely have a higher price tag. The convertible’s design will still allow for rear seating via a folding top and removable panels that stow behind the rear seats. For those concerned with playing Tetris with the panels, they are said to be just 6 pounds each for ease of use. read more