1 of 6 Mansory Stallone Ferrari 599 GTB Cars for Sale

Mansory Stallone Ferrari 599

If you are in the market for a super-rare supercar with a special aftermarket touch–a Mansory Stallone Ferrari 599 GTB car can be yours. The rare tuned Ferrari can be yours if you have, say, $330,000 USD.

The Mansory version packs 100 more Prancing Horses in its stable over the standard. Interested parties must pony up an estimated $330,000 to park this in the driveway.

This Mansory Stallone 599 GTB is one of just six in existence, and it is about to change hands. It is always of interest when cars like this change ownership, as it happens so infrequently. Collector cars like this are often kept for generations and preserved. read more