A Strikingly Different Maserati: Meet the Bora Concept

Maserati Bora concept

Sadly, the Maserati Bora concept is not a ‘real boy’ yet–but it should be. If any Maserati fans are able to successfully scroll through the renderings of the Bora concept and fail to be sufficiently moved—I’ll have the reason why.

The Maserati Bora was produced from 1971-1978 and has a top speed of 171 miles per hour.

The Bora concept renderings depict a flashy modern version of its predecessors. 

The Maserati Bora concept was drawn by Alex Imnadze and drew inspiration from the mid-engine 1970’s ancestor. This is clear when you compare lines and certain features by lining photos of the two next to one another. While the Bora concept is starkly more modern, they are connected in shape. Imnadze also created the Alfa 6C concept and polished off the Bora concept over a two-week span using only his free time. He is an intern at iconic design house Bertone–which makes it further impressive that he is still working on side projects or that he even has the precious commodity of ‘spare time’.  I sense great things in Imnadze’s future. read more