Is Maserati the New Fiat Flagship?


Now that Ferrari is to become a bit separated from the rest of the family at Fiat, will luxury brand Maserati become the new flagship? Just last year Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne announced that the prestigious Ferrari brand would be spun off into its own sort-of entity in order to receive healthier gains for the company overall. What that means is that the majority of Ferrari shares remain with FCA, but now others have the ability to purchase stakes for the first time ever.

With Ferrari in it’s own  cozy stable, does that make Maserati the new kingpin? According to some sources, Fiat is now grooming Maserati to become even more of a marquee than it already is, which would make it the Fiat front runner. Marchionne stated that Maserati is to become “the most coveted, exclusive brand that we have.” read more

Video: Maserati Owner in China Destroys Car in Protest!

A disgruntled Maserati owner in China took his customer service frustrations out on his own supercar! Mr. Wang was clearly displeased with the quality of customer service at his dealership, so he hired four men to smash the car with sledgehammers in order to make a bold statement. This is not the first time a supercar has been destroyed in China to protest consumer rights. Watch the pain unfold in the video below!

Poor customer service is not exactly tolerated in China. This man hired help to publicly smash the Maserati during a crowded auto show to affectively communicate his opinion of the customer service he had received. read more