Video: What is a McLaren P1 Doing at Ferrari’s Test Track?

The Ferrari brand is known for its fiercely aggressive approach to the sport of competition. That is why a McLaren P1 spotted putting around Ferrari’s private Fiorano track attracted much attention. What is a competitor doing prancing around the Horse’s playground?

The McLaren P1 supercar is competition. Watch it visit the Ferrari Fiorano private testing track in the short clip above.

While some are simply shocked that Ferrari would allow the competition time on their private track, the move is actually genius. Think about it: What better way to scope out what the McLaren P1 is capable of than to invite it over to play? It is like the old saying goes, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer!” read more

Next-Gen McLaren Offerings at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show


McLaren kicked things up a notch for the Geneva Motor Show this year, touting both the McLaren 650S and 650S spider. The brand has been busy touting the P1 hybrid, which ushers in the new, while the others are improvements upon their predecessors.

McLaren took advantage of the exposure of the 2014 Geneva Motor Show to display their latest models: The next-gen McLaren 650S cars. With the McLaren P1 superhybrid and the new siblings, the future looks bright for the brand.

The frontrunner, the McLaren P1, is poised to compete with the next generation of high-end hybrid supercars like the LaFerrari, Lamborghini Veneno and Porsche 918 spyder. The P1 emerged in production form last year and features a twin turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 engine with dry sump lubrication. That engine produces 727 horses on its own, but that is where things get awesome. She boasts an electric motor that adds another 176 horses to the stable. The end result is a 903 horsepower-drooling hybrid hyberbeast capable of demolishing the 0-60 mile per hour sprint in 2.8 seconds. read more

McLaren P1 Claims Sub-7-Minute Lap at Nürburgring

McLaren is certainly proud of their latest addition, the McLaren P1 supercar. The company released a video of the P1 tearing through the infamous Nurburgring circuit, claiming a sub-7-minute lap. That is a feat few street legals have achieved, including the Porsche 918 and the Radical SR8.

Check out the clip released by McLaren of its newest supercar, the P1, taking an incredible lap at the Nurburgring. Does this prove it is one of just a handful to make it in less than 7 minutes? They claim that they indeed managed the feat, but do not release an exact time, maddeningly.  read more

Video Gold: Ferrari 458 Chases McLaren P1 During Test Drive!

McLaren P1

For the auto enthusiasts, you may already be familiar with YouTube user ‘Shmee 150’, who seems to encounter the most epic exotic car moments and is therefore a lucky bastard. Shmee has managed to capture another slice of video gold with this footage of a Ferrari 458 convertible encountering the next McLaren P1 out and about for a test run!

The McLaren P1 prototype

The Ferrari 458 driver was taking the hypercar for a spin when he noticed a McLaren P1 out in the open, making it fair game. The Ferrari driver did what anyone with a healthy brain and appetite for destruction would do: he tailed the McLaren and obtained some amazing shots, likely revving the engine to signal a challenge. P1 stands for ‘Project one’ read more