New Mercedes Popemobile Vs. 1980 Popemobile–Major Changes!

Mercedes Popemobile

The custom Hybrid Mercedes Popemobile now has another sibling—a Mercedes M-Class SUV. The SUV was created at the Mercedes plant in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, and then converted into another rolling stage for Pope Benedict XVI in a German plant. The Pope seems to have excellent taste, as his motorcade is also flanked by a couple of donated Ducati motorcycles. 

The special Mercedes M-Class was built in Alabama and customized in Germany. 

The Pope’s Ducati Multistrada. Awesome.

This Popemobile is diamond white and laden with the latest technology inside. It was created to replace a similar vehicle that has been in service since 2002. Mercedes-Benz has been providing and customizing vehicles for the Popes for over 80 years. read more