Young Owner Creates His Own Police Lamborghini

Police Lamborghini

What do you do when you are 19 years old and own a Lamborghini Superleggera? Abdulaziz Al-Amoudi of Saudi Arabia transformed his into a police Lamborghini for a special event he was participating in. The media sensation sparked by the civilian-owned police supercar led to official police interest and action.

This was the only photo of the kid’s car I could locate online

Al-Amoudi’s Lamborghini Superleggera exterior was originally orange. The teen changed it up to resemble an American police car “for fun”. After the revamp, he posted photos of the finished product to Instagram and soon a swarm of social media outlets began sharing. Because his friends shared photos of the Lamborghini police car, some people began messaging Al-Amoudi that the Jeddah police were looking for him! read more