Not Parched? Porsche Flat Four Engines Swap Thirst for Thrust

Porsche flat four engines

With all of the new hybrids, electric powertrains and more eco-friendly fare lining the stages of auto shows over the past years–it comes as little surprise that Porsche is downsizing in some areas. Word is that Porsche flat four engines may dip as low as 1.6-liters in all their turbocharged glory. That is right, the sixes are going down.

What will downsizing mean for Porsche in the power department? 

The new Porsche turbocharged flat fours will be emerging to engage over the next few years. There is much speculation, and there should be a handful engine options to choose from. Offering a tier of 3 or so engine options is always a good call in order to satiate buyers from all areas. Typically a brand will offer a standard power option, a slightly increased version, and top it off with a special fire-breathing beast with a matching price tag. read more