Polished PR Shots of the Porsche LMP1 Racecar

Porsche LMP1

A few months back we saw a few difficult to analyze images of the next-generation of Porsche racing when some shots leaked of its LMP1 racer testing. Now the PR department appears to have polished up some shots of the Porsche LMP1 car to jumpstart the clamoring process. It is working. The racer will debut at an unknown time for its 2014 season.

Will Porsche’s new LMP1 prototype burn through competition on the racing circuit? The team has high hopes and intends to go in full-throttle.

The shiny new professional shots show that the Porsche LMP1 is still coated in camo. The veiled disguise does little to hide the racer’s attributes, which include a sharply aerodynamic body and elongated form. It appears that Audi has inspired the tail lamps, which are vertically mounted ultra-thin LEDs located on the tips of the rear wing. The head lamps are the Porsche preferred four-bundle look. read more