New Porsche Panamera Edition Is Not Obvious

Porsche is attempting to distinguish the popular Panamera model with a special edition version simply called the ‘Edition’. The Porsche Panamera Edition is nearly impossible to distinguish from her siblings, utilizing the very same base components from the 310-horsepower versions, and very little exterior cues to give her away. The subtle approach at a special edition has left many to contemplate the point of doing so.

Slightly modified Porsche Panamera enters the arena with the name ‘Edition’. There will be two Edition offerings to choose from, both with special luxury features to set them apart from their siblings.  read more

Porsche CEO Admits the Panamera Doesn’t Look Great

Porsche Panamera

It is no secret that many dislike the looks of the Porsche Panamera. In a humorous turn, Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller has finally declared that the Panamera could look better. Finish belly laughing before moving on, it just feels good.

It is all in the aesthetics: Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller declares that the Panamera could look better. The world doubles over in a fit of amusement. 

Even die-hard Porsche fans hate the Panamera and it seems that they are not alone! The Porsche Panamera is an attempt at a super sedan, and it simply looks a bit off. The problem is certainly not in the power arena–it travels from not to 60 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds with a top speed of about 190 MPH. The issues are with its appearance, which is awkward. When pressed, Mueller shared that there were some problems with the first generation of the Porsche Panamera. He stated that improvements could have been made with both the exterior and interior design elements for the project. read more