Porsche’s First Car Found After 114 Years in a Barn?

Porsche’s first car

This is another cool barn find story! Porsche’s first car has been unearthed after spending some time out of the limelight, in a barn…since around 1902. That said, it is not exactly the brand’s first production car, but rather, the first one built by founder Ferdinand Porsche himself that remains untouched.

Ferdinand created the car, officially named the Egger-Lohner C.2 Phaeton in 1898. The strapping 23-year-old then emblazoned ‘P1’ all over it. Don’t worry–this was literally eons before McLaren released their P1. Ferg’s P1 graced the bustling streets of 1898 Vienna as one of the first registered motor vehicles, inspiring a production run shortly after. read more