The $176 Quattroporte Fails to Make a Splash in New York

Quattroporte cocktail

Now thirsty patrons can order a Quattroporte in a creative New York watering hole and hotel. When the $176 Quattroporte cocktail is requested–it comes with a complementary shuttle to any Manhattan destination in the real deal. The ingredients in the drink are quality, like the car.

At $176, this is the cheapest Quattroporte on the planet. This is an exploding offer, however, so hurry to New York for the heady beverage and chauffeured trip in a Maserati Quattroporte. 

The hotel bar is running this special through November 24th. The number 176 is a nod to the top speed of the latest Maserati Quattroporte. Will this marketing technique prove to be effective in luring upscale clientele to this hotel? So far, not a soul has ordered the Quattroporte cocktail. What? Fine liquors, luxury cars…what is not to love? Think of it as a more dignified designated driver! read more