Renault Alpine Revisited: Was She Worth the Wait?

Renault Alpine

Now that the next generation of the Renault Alpine has been tentatively slated for a 2016 debut, we can officially get excited about the nice lady. Decked out in bright blue and orange, the photos of her in concept form have certainly stirred up enough speculation. Perhaps now that the Renault Alpine will change lanes from concept to product we can get a more clear idea of what to expect.

The next chapter of the Renault Alpine looks fantastic in racy orange and blue.

What is known so far about the 2016 Renault Alpine is that she shall be a shapely yet lightweight lady with plenty of power to provide admirable performance numbers. According to Laurens van den Acker, senior VP of corporate design at Renault, the new Alpine model is “As good as finished”. This good news emerged alongside the excitement of the Geneva Motor Show this year, where all fast fantasies are shared and the best ones roll out in concept form. read more