Warning: Renting an Exotic Car from Imagine Lifestyles Has Prompted Purchase!

Renting an exotic car

Here at Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals we love hearing back from clients after they have rented vehicles from us. We especially enjoy follow-ups like those from Peter Morris, who actually purchased a Cobra after renting our Shelby Cobra! Renting an exotic car is a life-changing experience, impacting each person on a different level.

Peter Morris renting our glorious Shelby Cobra in 2012.

We have mentioned the perks of renting the lifestyle on numerous occasions, and one of those perks is to discover which exotic rental car is your favorite (or favorites). Now let’s face it, once you have a favorite it will just be a matter of time before you find yourself pulling it into the garage, just like Mr. Morris. Morris was treated to one of our luxury rental cars by his daughter, who carefully selected the Shelby Cobra vintage rental. read more