Video: Inside the Rolls Royce Phantom Aviator

This brief clip offers a peek inside a special edition Rolls Royce. The Rolls Royce Phantom Aviator pays homage to the field of…you guessed it—aviation. It was meticulously developed to honor Charles Rolls, who was himself a pioneer in the field. Rolls was the first person from the UK to perish in a plane crash, so the Aviator model is very special to the history of the brand.

Up close and personal with the Aviator interior

The interior of the Phantom Aviator reflects distinctive cockpit cues of an aircraft. To separate it from the standard Phantom, Art Deco lighting also illuminates it inside. Aviation styling cues include aircraft-grade steel, pure leather flooring rimmed with aluminum, in-door umbrellas and a picnic boot. Commemorative badging appears inside. All of this for an additional $60,000 above the standard Phantom’s price of $440,000. read more