Bugatti Saleswoman Unloads 11 Veyrons in a Year

Bugatti saleswoman

There is a very happy, and very wealthy Bugatti saleswoman in Europe! Bugatti has recognized 39-year-old Anita Krizsan as their top sales person, unloading a staggering 11 Bugatti Veyrons in one year! Just imagine the commissions from approximately $20.2 million dollars in sales. Her sales included the one-and-only Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc!

The manufacturer of the Veyron supercar has listed Krizsan as the “global benchmark” in sales.

Krizsan works at a dealership in mainland Europe, having previously worked at the Jack Barclay dealership in London. She is from Hungary, and began her career with Honda in the UK. Today, Krizsan is selling Bugatti Veyron supercars at over four times the rate of other Bugatti specialists! This is a shining example of climbing the ladder, very impressive. read more