Tushek & Spigel: The Slowest Exotic Car Startup Ever?

Tushek & Spigel

The minds behind Tushek & Spigel seem to have a good grip on what an exotic sports car should be. The supercar startup introduced its first concept, the Renovatio T500 at Top Marques Monaco back in 2012. After that, there was a bit of radio silence, but some things are worth waiting for. Now the boys are back with new investors and a new plant, and are touting the Tushek TS600. Supercar startup Tushek was founded by Slovenian racing driver Aljoša Tushek a few years ago. 

The Tushek TS600 was also revealed in Monaco, a fitting venue for the introduction of lavish goods. Tushek & Spigel is dedicated to developing lightweight speedsters that are not slacking in the appearance arena. While some may downplay the talents of a newcomer, there is certainly some praise to be awarded in many areas. read more