The World’s Ugliest Rolls Royce—Hands Down

Ugliest Rolls Royce

This simply must be the ugliest Rolls Royce in the world…at least, if there is a worse example in existence, I do not care to see it! I have often said that money does not buy taste, and this owner dropped around $300,000 to customize this Phantom. There is such a thing as too many options, clearly.

The ugliest Rolls Royce on earth is a combination of far too many options gone awry. 

It seems that the buyer had a difficult time deciding between purple, yellow, white and gold for the exterior. The entire thing is then perched on gold-plated chrome wheels that incorporate both yellow and gold in a crisscross. The resulting exterior curb appeal is nauseating for such a fine luxury-touring vehicle. But wait…it actually gets worse. read more