Take Your Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano to the Next Level, AfterMarket

If you want a 08′ Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, then make sure you buy the best of the best. It seems that aftermarket firms are doing pretty well for themselves. Building onto the likes of Maserati, Mercedes and Ferrari seems like a pretty sweet gig, somebody else builds the exotic car then aftermarket companies just beautify and add some kick. Novitec Rosso is a Dutch tuning company that has just supercharged the Ferrari GTB Fiorno.

Novitec Rosso kicked up the Ferrari Fiorano to get an 808 horsepower and 607 lb-ft torque out. The original V12 engine only delivered only 620 hp. The booster gets the already superfast car to 62 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds and tops out at 211 miles per hour. The engine roar is louder thanks to a new sport exhaust system with a tailpipe diameter of 90 millimeters.  

The exterior got a front lip spoiler, an optional rear spoiler, and black taillights, also available with LED auxiliary brake light and reversing light. The enhancement then adds 20 inch Novitec Rosso NF3 light-alloy wheels on front and 21 inch wheels on back. A Brembo brake system that features steel discs with diameters of 405 millimeters and six-piston brake calipers has replaced market brakes. Plus, for better stability at high speeds a new suspension kit was added, which is activated by pushing a button on the dashboard. The advanced suspension system can raise the car up 40 millimeters to avoid speed bumps and parking ramps.  Then, once you hit 50 mph the suspension automatically reverts to its original position.

Ferrari offers a leather/carbon-fiber sport steering wheel with flattened bottom, carbon-fiber accessories and aluminium pedals but for special clients the interior can be customized in any color and material. Think of the possibilities… All enhancements by Novitec Rosso, plus the Bi-Kompressor engine conversion can be yours for an extra $59,640. Don’t cheap out. Come on, if you’re going to spend $312,395 on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano then take it all the way and don’t look back!