Take it Up a Notch This Father’s Day-With a Luxury Helicopter Charter Miami Style!

It is that time of the year again, the time to rack your brain in efforts to come up with a cool gift idea for Father’s Day.  Whether you are trying to outdo others in the family, or yourself, I have the perfect idea.
Luxury Helicopter Rentals Miami
Why not take it up a notch for dear ol’ Dad this year and spring for a helicopter charter Miami style?  Imagine the look of sheer surprise and elation on his face when he sees it, and realizes he is not getting just another wallet or pair of socks this year.  This year, you could give him the exhilaration of a memory that will make him smile for years to come.  And competition?  Forget about it.  This year, you could be the star (if you are a competitive type).

Imagine Lifestyles has two luxury helicopter charter models to choose from, the Bell 206 helicopter charter and the Eurocopter EC130B4 aircraft charters (follow links for further details of each chopper). Both are great to scour the skies of South Florida, gaining incredible perspective of just how beautiful it is here!

A luxury helicopter charter provides a nearly 3D view of the surrounding landscape and the Atlantic Ocean.  Basically, it can feel like an extreme sport!  Want to make the deal even sweeter?  Perhaps pick him up in a luxury rental car and drive him to the awaiting chopper!

So if you think your Dad would relish the thought of being James Bond for a day, perhaps you should look into an aircraft charter from Imagine Lifestyles this Father’s Day!  Just give us a quick call for a free quote and we can answer any of your questions. 



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