Technology: Shocks that Save Gas?

GenShock Shock Absorber Recycles EnergyTechnology is a constantly advancing field; we have the ability to utilize the power of the sun and even wind.  Now, thanks to a very creative engineer, we can harvest the power of even potholes!

Sound weird?  Certainly.  Levant Power Corporation is developing a new type of shock absorber that converts the jolts caused by driving down rough roads and potholes into usable electricity.  This could actually cause drivers to swerve towards potholes, if it didn’t damage the tires and rims.

The technology is being called GenShocks, and has the potential to slice the fuel consumption of vehicles anywhere from 1-6 percent.  Under normal circumstances, a shock absorber works to channel the energy of impact into heat.  The GenShocks then utilize that kinetic energy to generate watts, pulling electricity that is then returned to the fans, windshield wipers or dash lights of the vehicle.  Pretty creative if you ask me!

The science is simple, when you hit a pothole or other road obstruction, your vehicle moves horizontally as well as vertically.  This forces your vehicle to suck up more gasoline per mile to compensate for the loss of energy.

GenShocks can be installed in regular vehicles as well as hybrids, which would make them double green (like the old Double Mint gum commercial).  They look just like normal shocks, but have an electrical cord at one end.  They will of course cost slightly more, but think of the ROI you are getting with regular use, in the form of improved fuel economy.  I somehow can’t see the big boys like Ferrari, Aston Martin or Lamborghini picking up on thLuxury Hybrids and Enviromental Autosem immediately.

The GenShocks are anticipated to hit the market by the second quarter of 2011, so you can begin to save for them and get pumped about saving at the pump (however slightly)!



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