Tesla Roadster vs Lamborghini Urus vs McLaren 570GT

At Imagine Lifestyles we are always trying to bring you the best most exciting new vehicles. While this may sound like the easiest job in the world, we occasionally need some help. Right now we are looking at three new models and we want to know which one you want the most!

Take a look at each of the options below and let us know your favorite choice. We may end up choosing the vehicle you desire most, and 1 lucky fan will win a day with their new dream machine! Head over to our Facebook page now and comment which of these you would want the most.

Contender #1 Tesla Roadster

The newest offering from Elon Musk and Tesla is the brand new Roadster. With a reported 0-60 time of just 1.9 seconds, this all electric car is a serious contender in the world of exotic sports cars. Set to release in 2020 with a price tag around $200,000 this model seems like the perfect candidate for Imagine Lifestyles to offer our guests a unique driving experience.

Contender #2 Lamborghini Urus

Slated for release in 2018, Imagine Lifestyles has already placed a reservation on the Lamborghini Urus. While we are excited to get our hands on this amazing SUV, we want to know how you feel about ti. This will only be the second time that Lamborghini has offered an SUV with the first being the LM002. This luxury SUV is expected to double vehicle sales numbers for Lamborghini, will it double the number of rentals too?

Contender #3 McLaren 570GT

Imagine Lifestyles has never offered a McLaren to its clients before, however that may change very soon. The 570GT fits well into the competition of Ferrari and Lamborghini and the possibilities for rentals on this model seem promising. With a 570 HP engine held inside of an all carbon fiber chassis, the 570GT will have no problem turning tires, and turning heads.

Time to choose

Which of these three would you want to see us add to our fleet of luxury and exotic rental cars? All three would make a great addition for sure! Head over to our Facebook page now to comment which one you would want and you could win a day with that very model!