Thanksgiving Festivities Invade Chicago

This Week in Chicago:  November 22-November 28

  • Global Warming is Done
  • Rooftop in November
  • You want me to eat what?

Another incredible week taking place in Chicago except for the possibility of snow that Mr. Tom Skilling predicted for us all recently.  However, it is almost December and we do live in Chicago so it’s about time to face the facts and get out the winter clothes from the attic.  Even with a little cold weather moving in there is no excuse for staying in this Wednesday, one of the busiest bar nights of the year.  Typically referred to as Black Wednesday, Chicago is guaranteed to have some of the hottest parties around before everyone heads home to chow down on Turkey.


For the club kids out there, head to Vertigo, The Dana Hotel’s rooftop terrace bar for their version of Black Wednesday.  This year, Vertigo will have the rooftop open and the fireplace cranked up to keep everyone warm and cozy.  They will also have three Absolut Signature cocktails being poured all night long to keep the party rocking.  If the fireplace isn’t keeping you warm, grab a blanket from a staff member and make sure to keep the vodka coming.  Perfect place to pull up with one of our cars from our fleet of Chicago luxury rental cars.

If the club scene isn’t for you, head over to Timothy O’ Tooles for some good old-fashioned Thanksgiving fun.  Well maybe not old-fashioned but we guarantee it will be a good time.  The party kicks off with a turkey testicle-eating contest.  If that is not your style stick around for the pumpkin-pie eating contest that will follow immediately after all the turkey balls are gobbled up.  As always, refreshments will be flowing all night long and we hope that anyone crazy enough to enter the first contest will order a few drinks first to make sure it all goes down smooth.

Since the holiday spirit is all about family and Black Wednesday is one of the most popular days for police to set up road blocks, make sure to take advantage of Imagine Lifestyles’ transportation services.  Whether you want to tear up the city with your own private party bus or you want to keep it a little more intimate with a private chauffeur, Imagine Lifestyles is here for all your needs.  No one needs to be calling Grandma for bail money on Thanksgiving morning so give Imagine Lifestyles Chicago a call instead. 

Happy Holidays to everyone from your friends here at Imagine Lifestyles!