The Exclusive Tennis Player

Fine jewelry and silverware company Tiffany & Co. has made something for every tennis player and the diamond tennis bracelet. Rather Tiffany’s is offering an 1837 Tennis Ball Can. Designed to hold four tennis balls and keep them at optimal tennis-playing-temperature. The tennis ball can is sterling silver and has the famous Tiffany’s insignia, plus numbers 925 and 1837, stamped on the lid. Tiffany & Co. is always looking for that next ordinary item to glamourize and wrap up in a little blue box. The Tiffany’s Tennis Ball Can is $1,500. The message that the Tiffany’s tennis can conveys is that you’re serious about the game, and probably have too much time and money on your hands. We are sure we will see more then just a few sterling silver tennis ball cans in the Hamptons this summer.