The Holiday Gift for the Man Who Already Has Everything: Vicuna Wool Robe

Here we go, don’t know what to get your billionaire boyfriend this holiday season? We do, it’s the Derek Rose dressing gown known to the joe-shmoes of the world as a robe. Now this is no ordinary robe, it is a luxurious splurge for those of you that can still afford to splurge. Selfridges department store is unapologetically catering to the ultra-affluent people of the world with items like the Derek Rose dressing gown. For a cool $22,290, the robe is the priciest bed gear known to man. Why you ask, does a robe cost $22k? It’s called Vicuna wool, one of the most exquisite and rarest types of wool in the world. A Vicuna is cousin to the Llama but produces much less but extremely fine wool. A Vicuna is an endangered species that now lives only in captivity in the Peruvian highlands and the animal can only be shorn every two years. Just think your man could wear it all Christmas day, heck he might wear it everyday to get his money’s worth. Then again, if you’re buying the Derek Rose dressing gown in the first place, money is obviously no object. He will probably wear it once or twice and then lose it in the closet but it’s still a good idea for the man who already has everything!