The Most Expensive Car Wax: $97,060

Forget the sports car, when you drop $97,060 at Mitchell and King, you only get the wax! Mitchell and King is an exotic and bespoke company based in Scotland that caters to the extremely well-to-do and their vehicles. The company first brought the world’s most expensive car shampoo, and has since moved on to formulate the most expensive car wax! The wax is called GRV and joins the company’s line of lavish car care products.

Most expensive car wax

Mitchell and King launches the most expensive car wax at $97,060 USD. Rumor has it they are offering just one bottle for sale…which seems smart.

The insanely expensive car wax boasts an exclusive scent, secret ingredients, and comes ensconced in a 24ct gold-plated Swarovski container. GRV wax is a one-of-a-kind edition and the company reserves the right to refuse sale. Really? If anyone at all steps forward to purchase nearly $100,000 car wax, we want to be the first to know!

Most expensive wax

Would you rather drop almost $100,000 USD on one bottle of random designer car wax, or a luxury car? That amount of cash could provide years worth of exotic rental cars for every occasion!

Most expensive car wax

The wax will be part of the ‘goldRush Rally’ collection, which includes 250 ml of GRV auto shampoo, 100 ml of GRV Scent and the wax.

Mitchell and King are known as cosmetic car connoisseurs, and at present time, is the only company offering such auto products. Don’t miss more of the most expensive and automotive updates in our luxury blog on your way out!


At their rates, Mitchell and King can afford to drive a Bugatti just by operating a luxury carwash! Insanity?

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