The XSR48 Super Boat Flies

A fast paced world calls for a fast paced super boat. The XSR48 boat is fast, quite possibly the world’s fastest. The British built speed boat comes from Lymington based XSMG Marine. Launched last year by Prince Michael of Kent, the XSR48 seems to be satisfying people’s need for speed. Power-driven by two diesel engines, 2,000 horsepower, the XSR48 flies to 85 knots. For you people who prefer fast cars to boats, thats about 100 miles per hour on the open water. On top of speed the XSR48 is rich, it has a high-spec entertainment system, with four 12-inch LCD screens, and luxe kitchen appliances. Very minimal, very modern and very nice to entertain a few people with. Only 100 XSR48 speedsters will be made this year and they will probably fly, just like they do on the water. The going rate for your own XSR48 is $1.8 million and absolutely worth the money, it’s just a really swift toy to add to your cache.