Think You Are Chuck Norris? An 8-Day Bow-Hunting Excursion in the Kalahari Awaits You!

Kalahari Bow Hunting

The tribe has spoken, and they think you are a sissy.  The only way to prove otherwise is to park that exotic rental car Miami and hop a flight or private aircraft charter (hey, may as well suck in that last bit of luxury!) to the Kalahari for an 8-day extreme bow-hunting adventure, the Zu/’hoasi Initiation Hunt.  This is not an event for the timid, this is an extreme sport where you will be armed with just a bow comprised of wood…no rifle scopes, aerial assists or sharp shooters.  Can you hang?


Extreme Sports Kalahari

This extreme sports challenge takes you back to basics.  Not that an exotic car rental is not a basic necessity, but I am referring to the hunter-gatherer sense, that urge that tells us,

Hey. You.  Yeah, You.  Let’s go prove our manhood by showing off our shooting skills and proving that if we had to, we could provide food without Publix supermarket”.  That voice.

Wooden Bow Hunting

 It is an 8-day opportunity to become a Kalahari tribesman (or woman), wherein the Zu/’hoasi tribe will show you how to make a bow and teach you the skills you need to use it in their environment.  Think of it as ‘Survivor’, with a few experienced friends.

Should you make a kill while bow hunting, you will receive a hero’s welcome back at camp, complete with a tribal tattoo (the real deal, no stickers).  The village shaman will sink into a trance and the women shall dance for you…though I am unsure of their appearance, so that could go either way.

Kalahari Bow Hunting

The wooden bows are not quite as awesome as the one above!


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