Tiger Woods May Not Qualify For His Own Event!

It is possible that the increasingly cocky yet impossibly failing Tiger Woods may have finally hit rock bottom. Since his highly publicized divorce and personal preferences, Tiger has adopted a decidedly defiant swagger and attitude, yet cannot get back on his game…which is golf, by the way.

Tiger Woods

Try as he might, Tiger can’t seem to get his groove back! Perhaps he should consult Stella…

Tiger’s game has continued to deteriorate to embarrassing levels, and now it seems the former star will not even qualify for his own tournament. Due to last week’s missed cut at the PGA Championship, Tiger is ineligible for the upcoming PGA Tour playoffs.

Tiger Woods

Tiger has hit many balls into the water recently…

Tiger Woods

Keep your eyes on the prize, Tiger

The most logical slot for Tiger would be a sponsor’s exemption. However, Woods is currently ranked 33rd in the world, but isn’t eligible to play in any PGA Tour events, he passed on this week’s tournament in Greensboro, N.C before the cutoff.

Tiger Woods

Yeah…that just happened.

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