Tip: American Express is Your BFF When You Rent a Luxury Car!

There is a luxury travel tip that some may be unaware of when renting an exotic car, and it involves the awesome card that is American Express. Did you know that you could save money on your next luxury car rental with Premium Car Rental Protection from Amex?

American Express rental car coverage

How it works:
•    Enroll your American Express card in Premium Car Rental Protection – enrollment is quick, and there’s no cost to enroll.
•    The next time you rent a luxury car with your enrolled card, simply decline the rental company’s collision damage waiver.
•    You will receive Premium Car Rental Protection for the duration of your rental, up to 42 consecutive days (this varies by location)
•    Each time you rent a car with your enrolled Card, you can be covered and pay a flat rate of $24.95 (this rate varies slightly by location)

Aston Martin rental Miami

This Aston Martin rental Miami could be yours, fully covered!

This luxury rental car insurance feature can save not only money, but also potential headaches and hassles that you do not need. After all, indulging in a luxury car is about excitement, not stress!

Key features of Premium Car Rental Protection include:
•    A flat rate of around $24.95 per rental period, rather than by day
•    Coverage is primary, so you won’t have to file a claim with your personal auto insurance company and risk a premium increase
•    No deductibles
•    Zero cost to enroll, billing occurs when you use your card to rent a car
•    Great coverage! Up to $100,000 of primary coverage for damage or theft of a rental vehicle, $100,000 coverage for accidental death or dismemberment and $15,000 for excess medical expenses
•    The above are for both driver and passengers

Audi R8 rental Miami

You could drive a variety of luxury rentals with this kind of coverage, including this Audi R8 rental in Miami

Cadillac Escalade ESV rental Miami

Cadillac Escalade ESV rental Miami

Keep this option in mind the next time you are renting a luxury vehicle and just enjoy the ride! Don’t miss our fleet of luxury car rentals in MIami and a city near you on your way out!


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