Too Expensive for LeBron James: $60 Million Dollar Miami Mansion

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Ok, so the statement that the $60 million dollar Miami mansion is too expensive for LeBron James is a rumor, but the price tag is quite factual (and LeBron is doing alright for himself in Miami).  Listed by The Jills, this Miami luxury property is the highest priced property ever listed in Miami-Dade County, and even the Lady herself would go Gaga over the spread!  Let’s just hope she does not end up in her egg on the manicured front lawn…I feel that one of our exotic rental cars Miami style would be more appropriate out front.


Lady Gaga Egg

The mega-mansion sprawls obtrusively over 30,000-square feet of estate boasting 2 acres of the private island of Indian Creek.  There are 10 bedrooms, a master bedroom with a walk-in closet the size of a standard apartment, 15 bathrooms, 5 kitchens, a recording studio/screening room, a private beach with sand imported from the Bahamas and a shower ginormous enough to squeeze in 10 people…or 20 Laura Flynn-Boyles.

Miami Luxury Real Estate

$60 Million Dollar Miami Mansion

Most Expensive Miami Luxury Property

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