Top 20 Funniest Pictures of Luxury & Exotic Cars

Who doesn’t turn their head when a nice car goes by?  If you live in Miami or LA than it might be more typical to see a luxury car rolling down the street.   I guarantee no matter where you live or how many exotic and luxury cars you see, you will appreciate the pictures below.  Imagine Lifestyles has complied 20 interesting pictures of luxury cars, some in very odd places. Enjoy the pictures below.


1.  Vintage Rolls Royce in a Pool.  Clothing optional?

Rolls Royce Vintage in Pool funny picture


2. Rolls Royce Phantom filling up.  Shouldn’t your driver be doing that??

Rolls Rocye Phantom Getting Gas Funny Pic


3. Rolls Royce Drop Top  in a Handicapped Spot and parking in the red line.  Hope this does not get towed?  I am sure they can afford it.

Rolls Rocye in Handicap Parking at the curb funny


4. Vintage Rolls Royce  is a classic car.  Pink Rolls Royce well umm?

Pink Vintage Rolls Royce Funny Picture


5. If you are trying to blend into your surroundings, this zebra painted Rolls Royce Phantom will do the trick.  Do you think they have a Rolls Royce rental car for safari trips?   Better stick to Land Rover rentals for that expedition.

Rolls Royce Phantom with Zebra Skin Painting Funny


6. Lamborghini LP-560-4 at The Goodwill Store?   Times must be tough.

Lamborghini Gallardo at The Goodwill Store Funny Picture


7.   Classic Rolls Royce Vintage luxury car.  What was this person thinking.  Yellow is bad enough.

Rolls Royce Vintae with funny custom paint job


8. Yes, we all know that Mariah Carey can sing, but do we need to deface one of the nicest luxury sedans made by man?

Rolls Rocye Phantom with Mirah Carey Pictures on the Side Funny


9. Still trying to make sense of this picture.  2 words: Pickup Truck!

Vintage Rolls Roycle Pulling a trailer with a Motorcycle Funny


10. Hopefully this car had head-on accident that totaled the car and they are trying to make the best of it.

Rolls Royce Phantom Couch in a Family Room Funny


11. Watch out tough guy, this Porsche is obviously in reverse.

Funny Kid Posing in front of Luxury Sports Car Porsche


12.  Is that carpet going to be put on-top of that Lambo??

Lamborghini at Home Depot Funny Pic


13. Red Ferrari – check, white pants – check, polo shirt – check, handicapped spot.

Funny Red Ferrari Parked illegal in Handicap parking spot



14. This Lamborghini owner sure likes exercise more than his exotic sports car.

Lamborghini Gallardo with Bike Rack Funny


15.  Still trying to figre out what is going on?  Any thoughts?

Lamborghini on its side on top of the bulding


16. I am not going to exceed the speed limit.  They will 100% catch up and pull me over.

Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car


17. I hope this is the owner’s Lambo.

All rights reserved by jeffery c johnson


18.  Not sure if that boot goes with the rest of the car.

All rights reserved by cindyt*


19.  This Lamborghini is right out of “Silence of the Lambs.”   I do not think it is going anywhere anytime soon.

All rights reserved by StormCab


20. Big chair – ok, car ontop of big chair – ok.  What’s next?

BMW ontop of a Large Chair Very Funny Picture


21. We decided to add one for good luck and becuase it is hilarious.

Child Peeing in front of Lamborghini Luxury Sports Car Funny Hilarious


Luxury cars can be more fun than you expected.   Next time you are in Miami, Chicago, LA or New York contact Imagine Lifestyles and you can view our fleet of exotic rental cars.  From Ferrari rentals to Bentley rentals, you are sure to have a great day driving one of our luxury cars.  Have fun with your luxury and exotic cars and please try not to make any of our Top 10/20 lists of funniest pictures of luxury cars.  This is one list you do not want to be on.

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