The Top 10 Wealthiest American Counties Are Not Where You Expect!

Across the United States, it may surprise you to discover that none of the top 10 wealthiest counties are located in California or Florida.  This seems a bit shocking with the celebrity soaked shores, excesses of LA, South Beach and Miami, and yet according to the good people at Forbes, the top 10 richest counties in America are as follows:

1.    Falls Church City, VA– $113,313 (<—Median household income)
2.    Loudoun County, VA–$112,021
3.    Fairfax County, VA–$104,259
4.    Hunterdon County, NJ–$102,500
5.    Howard County, MD–$101,003
6.    Los Alamos County, NM–$100,423
7.    Douglas County, CO–$99,522
8.    Morris County, NJ–$96,316
9.    Somerset County, NJ–$96,233
10.    Fairfax City County, VA–$96,232

Richest U.S. Counties

New Jersey and Virginia are certainly sneaky things, with each appearing multiple times on the list!  If you are planning a trip to the apparently loaded Jersey Shore we can put you behind the wheel of an exciting exotic rental car New Jersey to ensure that you keep up with the Joneses (which was a fantastic flick, btw).

Joneses Movie

The Joneses‘ starring the stunning Demi Moore

Top 10 Richest US Counties
This is simply an average, it does not communicate a lack of wealth elsewhere.  There are certainly a large amount of millionaires, celebrities and handsomely paid athletes scouring the usual suspects like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Miami, but the average income in those areas is not as high as the list above.

Highest Paid US Counties

So if you are looking to relocate and potentially pad your pockets with something green, you may consider one of the above counties quite accommodating to your financial goals!

 Wealthiest Counties in the U.S.

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