Top 5 Burgers In Chicago

Top 5 Burgers In Chicago

Next time you are in the mood for a great burger in the Windy City look no further than the following five burger joints.  For all the meat lovers out there the following five spots serve up mouth-watering burgers served with all the fixings.  Whatever style burger you prefer rest assured you will find it here.  I gaurantee that after you load up on some of these burgers you are not going to feel like you cannot fit into one of our exotic cars from of our fleet of Chicago exotic rental cars.  

1. Rockit
2. DMK Burger Bar
3. Billy Goat Tavern
4. M Burger
5. Kuma’s Corner

1. Rockit (22 W. Hubbard and 3700 N. Clark) Serving up their classic Rockit Burger, voted best in America by Good Morning America, Rockit has one of the best burgers in the city hands down.  If you want to step outside the box a little bit try Rockit’s Lobster Burger.  Loaded with lobster, shrimp, avocado, and lemon crème freche this burger is not your everyday lunch item.  Both Chicago locations are constantly drawing rave reviews from food critics so head out to Rockit and try one for yourself.

2. DMK Burger Bar (2954 N. Sheffield) Offering up 9 burgers that are 100% not found on any other menu in Chicago, DMK creates some of the most unique burgers you can find in Chicago.  Ever seen a burger in Chicago loaded with pastrami, French Gruyere, sauerkraut, and remoulade?  If you are not a huge red meat fan substitute any of the classic burgers with a turkey burger or Portobello burger instead.  They also offer some unique lamb and veggie burgers as well.  Imagine Lifestyles favorite is the number 1 with a fried egg added on for a buck.  You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu here and they have some of the best fries around as well. Burger

3. Billy Goat Tavern (7 Chicago Locations) Founded in 1934, this Chicago mainstay has been serving up some of the best burgers since long before any of us were born.  The tavern was originally purchased for $205 and looking back it seems this was a very fine investment even if that was a lot of money back in those days.  Do not expect any gourmet turkey burgers with avocado and sprouts at the Billy Goat.  Think greasy diner style burgers that satisfy your appetite and make you want to head straight for the couch. 

4. M Burger (161 E. Huron and 5 W. Ontario) This Lettuce Entertain You creation takes simplicity to a whole new level with their menu.  Nine items crowd this menu and that includes two spots for milkshakes and soft drinks.  Three variations of a burger, a chicken sandwich, a salad, veggies on a bun, and French fries round out the rest of the menu and surprisingly it all works really well.  Lettuce Entertain You has rarely failed on the Chicago restaurant scene and they definitely have a great thing going once again with M Burger.

5. Kuma’s Corner (2900 W. Belmont) Our last spot on the Top Five Burgers in Chicago list is not a place to take your business clients, and probably not your mother either.  Expect to wait, expect it to be loud, expect a diverse crowd, and most of all expect to eat one hell of a burger.  There are roughly 15 different burgers listed and although we have yet to eat each one, there has yet to be an unhappy experience had here by anyone within Imagine Lifestyles Chicago. 

Chicago might be a haven for ritzy cuisine and some of the world’s best chefs but we should all be honest with ourselves and admit that America loves a good burger.  Even vegetarians can get into the mix nowadays with veggie burgers becoming mainstream and popping onto almost all burger joint menus.  Next time you want to brush aside the fancy dining experience and just enjoy your meal head to any of these wonderful Chicago burger joints and tell them Imagine Lifestyles sent you.  Don’t be afraid to roll up in style either with one of our luxury rental cars.  


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