Top 5 Car Rental Scams to Avoid

Lamborghini Gallardo Rental Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could easily conduct business transactions without having to ‘watch your back’ constantly?  It seems to be the most frustrating in the automotive arena, with sales people, mechanics and even unsavory rental car people.  Here are some tips for avoiding luxury rental car scams and practices.

Renting a car or luxury car should be a simple and straightforward deal.  But as things often go, many rental car companies are just out there trying to scam and squeeze their customers. 

At Imagine Lifestyles, our clients are repeat clients, and we teach them how to avoid sketchy rental car practices.  When our clients are renting luxury cars in cities around the world where we do not have a fleet, they feel confident using our tips to avoid scams.

It is important as a consumer to know the car rental company’s policies and your rights.  Not all of these policies are scams per se, but if you are not aware of them they can certainly seem that way.


Here’s how to protect yourself when you rent a car and exotic rental car:

1.    Always read the contract before signing it, you have no idea what you may be agreeing to

2.    Fill the tank completely before you return the car; you have no idea what their ‘Fuel fee’ may be.   Keep your receipt.

3.    If your plans change and you will not need the rental car, notify them immediately.  Every company will have a different policy, and you do not want a potentially lofty ‘no show’ fee for a car you did not use

4.    Know the limits of your own insurance policy, and speak with your agent about its limits with regard to renting cars.  You want to make sure you are covered and do not want to purchase additional insurance for the rental unless it is needed.  If you are renting a luxury car, your current auto policy may not be enough to cover the cost of replacing it, these are questions you need answered by your agent.

5.    Pick up and return the rental car on time.  If you are early or late, you are subject to additional fees.  Plus, there may be someone waiting for that Lamborghini rental next, you wouldn’t want to be the one left waiting!


We hope you find these tips useful for your traveling rental car needs, don’t miss out on our fleet of luxury car rentals, yacht charters and aircraft charter on your way out!





Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals