Top 5 Cars Tiger Woods Would Have Been Better Protected In

Ok ok.  By now the Tiger Woods jokes have pretty well run their uhm…course…sorry, couldn’t help it.  The recent “transgressions” made Imagine Lifestyles wonder if there may have been a different outcome had Tiger been behind the wheel of something else?  So without further ado, here are the Top 5 Cars Tiger would have been better protected in:
Tiger and Elin Woods Pictured with Kids
1.  BMW 750.  You know, the security model with bulletproof glass.
2.  GTC Convertible.  No broken glass necessary.
3.  Lamborghini LP-650.  Speed people, pure unadulterated speed.
4.  Limousine.  We will get to that.
5.  Tripoli Rocket Car.  When all else fails, just bolt man.

So at this juncture we are all familiar with the story, Tiger drives SUV into pole, something about a 9 iron and an angry blonde spouse at 2-ish in the wee hours.

Well, had Tiger been sporting a BMW 750 security model, the 9-iron golf club could not have shattered the bulletproof glass.  Reports have stated that wife smashed in driver-side window of SUV to “save” Tiger, and he himself stated that she acted courageously… just prior to back-pedaling and coming clean with his Rachel Uchitel“transgressions”.   Yes, camp Tiger “holed” up for a few days to decide how to handle this doozy.  It appears honesty is the best policy, especially when you have three mistresses wielding proof (thanks to the wonders of modern technology) and a wholesome reputation to uphold.  Judging on the less-than-stellar looks of Rachel, Tiger may have a set of "beer-goggles" he is keeping hidden. 

Had Tiger opted to roll out in a GTC Convertible, Elin would not have had to fuss with busting glass to get to him.  Is it appropriate for Jazmine Sullivan to dedicate her hit song to Tiger?  “I bust the windows out your car….” 

If bulletproof glass is not an option, perhaps Tiger could have simply avoided the entire confrontation by escaping in a Lamborghini LP-650.  Before Elin approached with the 9-iron, Tiger would be out of the woods. 

A limousine is also a sensible solution to any domestic dispute or “transgression”, as there is the elite option to simply place a patrician between the cute couple, preventing minor annoyances and bodily injury with common household items.

Finally, there is always the Rocket Car being produced in Tripoli.  The claim, though unproven at this juncture, is that it was designed to be the safest car in the world.  Picturing an ad campaign featuring Tiger speeding off in the Libyan Rocket car, leaving a hot blonde in his wake, frantically waving the 9-iron golf club she forgot to pack with his lunch.

*Lawyers are now spilling rumors that camp Tiger paid Elin a cool $55 million dollars to stay with the golf superstar, with an additional $80 million waiting for her in 7 or 8 years.  Suddenly, we feel far less sympathetic for the poor woman…leaning more toward envy.

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