Top 5 Events of 2009-Looking Back on a Year of Luxury

Exotic Car Rentals Miami-Imagine LifestylesWe at Imagine Lifestyles have been nostalgic this holiday season, taking some time to look back on 2009 and discuss the main luxury events that we have experienced and that have taken place.  Five of our top luxury events of 2009 have been:

1.    Attending the North American introduction for the Lexus LFA supercar
2.    The Grand Opening of the W Hotel South Beach
3.    Receiving delivery of our new Ferrari F430 Spider
4.    Anticipation for Super Bowl 44 Miami
5.    Following Barack Obama’s first year in office

Attending the official North American introduction for the Lexus LFA was definitely a highlight of 2009 for Imagine Lifestyles.  The LFA is, of course, the first-ever attempt by the luxury car brand to build and market a “supercar”.  Imagine Lifestyles was invited by Lexus Toyota to meet with master drivers and engineers for the LFA, learn about the engine and materials, and top it off by driving the 2011 Lexus LFA on the Homestead race track.  Staying at the Mondrian Hotel South Beach compliments of Lexus the previous night was an added bonus, and opportunity to enjoy an elegant dinner with the Lexus representatives at the delicious “Asia de Cuba”, located within the Mondrian.

Another perk of 2009 has been the mid-summer grand opening of the lavish W Hotel South Beach.  The W Hotel is a worldwide boutique hotel chain focused entirely on being the premier, most luxurious and talked about hotel available.  The W Hotel has approximately 53 locations so far, and continues to expand into some of the most beautiful and desired places in the world.   The W Hotel will be a great asset and addition to South Beach, and is already creating quite the stir, establishing itself as “the place to be” in the area. 

2009 also brought us the good fortune of adding a new exotic rental car to our fleet-a brand-spanking new Ferrari F430 spider convertible.  Our Ferrari F430 rental is bright Ferrari red, with the finest tan leather interior, making it less intense than black in the hot South Beach sun.  So if you are dreaming of more of a “red ChristmasLexus LFA Supercar Homestead Speedway”, come and rent this new exotic beast and tear around South Beach in style!

Adding to the excitement at the close of 2009 has also been the fact that the 2010 Super Bowl will be held here in Miami on February 7th.  With the Super Bowl coming back to Miami, there is a general influx of exhilaration, exotic cars being rented, luxury hotels filling up, and fans asking us what to do during their stay in Miami for Super Bowl 44 week (follow link for further information on where to stay, what to drive, what to do and where to dine).

Finally, it has been a fascinating first year for our President, Barack Obama.  It has been a full-time job just keeping tabs on his job-as the Commander in Chief of the United States during such a turbulent time in our nation’s history.  Much has been debated, and much remains to be desired in the way of returning our country to a greater state of wealth, and Barack Obama certainly has a lot on his plate to contend with.

Overall, we at Imagine Lifestyles feel it has been an exciting year, and even though the economy is not in its greatest state, we feel fortunate to have enjoyed so many stellar landmarks this year, and are looking forward to an amped-up and luxurious New Year! 

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals