Top 5 Exotic Car Crash Scenes

Just 5 completely crazy luxury car crash photos!

BMW X5 Crash

This BMW X5 exotic car crash just goes to show that not every driver can handle the snow!


Ferrari driving in sand

While a Ferrari does look great anywhere, sand was never intended to replace the track…and will destroy a paint job!


Holden Commodore crash rooftop

Defying gravity, this Holden Commodore landed on a rooftop. I wonder if the kids thought it was Santa…


Dodge Viper crash

If traffic seems to be slowing you down, remember, it could always be slower! This Dodge Viper slammed into the back of a cargo van, bringing the joy ride to a screeching halt.


Police Lamborghini Gallardo crash

It seems someone will be paying for this crashed Lamborghini police cruiser! This is among the worst car crash circumstances I can imagine!



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